Illinois Central Christian School







Fall of 2022

Illinois Central Christian School

State Registered School


"A One Cost School"





All Tuition

All Fees

All Text Books

All PE Uniforms

All Lab fees


All Activities and Field Trips and Lodging

All State and National Testing Fees.

All out of town/state Academic and Fine Arts Competitions

Music Camp costs

Fine Arts Performance and competition apparel

"One Cost" Includes:

We regret the necessity of a 10% increase in tuition costs due to extreme inflation.


Total One Cost:  One Student


$510 per month x10 payments



Total One Cost:  Two Student


$850 per month x10 payments



Total One Cost:  Three Student


$1,130 per month 10x payments



Total One Cost:  Four or More Students


Add $60 per MONTH for each additional student.


You may subtract $100.00 off your total payment for each semester paid in advance.


Payment Policies


1.   Monthly payments are due the 1st of each month beginning in September.

2.   Students transferring out before the end of the year will owe tuition only through the end of the

      month in which they transfer.

3.   A student must withdraw from school if tuition is more than 45 days overdue.

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